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January Start: Early Education Specialist, Certified Pre-K, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School

A Growing Partner School in MOROCCO is seeking additional positions for expanding grades. The school is seeking applicants for January 2019 Start.

Competitive Salary, benefits, provided. Please see Job Description Below and If you meet the requirements submit your CV to with the job title of interest in the Subject Line ie: Morocco: Middle School Math

JOB DESCRIPTION: Classroom Teacher

Division: Exploratorium / Primary School / Middle School / High School

Job Category: Teacher

Schedule: 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM (T and R); 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (M and W); 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM on most Fridays. Special events as per calendar.

Supervisor: Division Principal


Classroom teachers at this partner school work in alignment with the school’s mission, vision, values, and educational philosophy, using best practices to document, implement and assess appropriate instructional programs as prescribed by the school. Teachers develop learning environments that guide and encourage students to fulfill their potential and encourage them to become part of the school community. Teachers are valued members of the school community and foster good relationships with all community members.

General Duties

1. Model the partner school vision, mission, and values at all times. Maintain professional conduct on and off campus that is culturally aware, always being a positive representative of the school community.

2. Implement classes and academic programs as prescribed by the partner school, using the methodologies in accordance with school educational philosophy. Oversee one after school activity for one hour per week during one semester each year under the Division Principal.

3. Maintain student grades up to date, remain in contact with parents and the

administration regarding student progress.

4. Participate in constant professional development in order to seek constant

professional growth.

5. Develop new and/or enhance the quality of current education programs, upon

request of the school. Document lesson plans and curriculum, as required by the school for the position.

6. Develop effective, ongoing educational partnerships with parents, students, and colleagues.

7. Participate in all scheduled staff meetings, orientation days, and professional

in-services or conferences, and other programmed school events in and

outside the regular work schedule; be an active member of the school community.

8. Teach (contact time with students) approximately 70% of the daily schedule, as per current procedures and timetables.

9. Perform routine supervisory and substitute duties as assigned.

10. Support students with language deficiencies or special education learning requirements in the regular classroom through differentiation, including developing special lesson plans, units, or programs under the guidance of the Learning Support Department.

11. Effectively implement all partner school policies, procedures, and handbooks.

12. Others as assigned by the School Administration.


● Minimum Bachelor’s degree in a related field; Master’s degree preferred

● At least two years of teaching experience, preferably in the American/international school setting

● Certification/Licensure relevant to the position.

● Native or native-like speaker of English (except for French or Arabic teachers, which must be native Speakers of the corresponding language).

● Strong knowledge of the American education system and international school context

● Strong practitioner and educationalist, committed to all areas of the learning process and teaching.

● Demonstrates excellent communication and organizational skills and the ability to motivate students

Skills and Competencies

● Has excellent integrity and demonstrates good moral character and initiative

● Displays effective instructional strategies, classroom management, learning assessment and diagnosis, and research relating to learning

● Exhibits keen interpersonal skills to relate well with students, staff, Senior Leadership, parents, and the community

● Intrapersonal skills that allow for reflection and growth

● Team skills that support being part of a highly functional professional learning community.

● Obvious love for teaching and willingness to learn

● Ability to perform well under pressure

● Excellent oral and written communication skills

● Understanding of student-centered, inquiry-based learning

● Technologically savvy

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